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Top 5 Lei For Men

Top 5 Lei For Men

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: No lei should be thought of as best suited for any one gender. Wanna know why? Because it just isn’t true. 

Still, tradition can be hard to beat sometimes, and it just so happens that there are a number of lei commonly gifted to and worn by men. 

With this in mind, we’ve put together a diverse list — in no particular order — of five traditional and modern picks for men. 

Double Ti Leaf Lei

Here’s why a Double Ti Leaf Lei remains everyone’s No. 1 pick: It’s carefully crafted into a thick, lightly fragrant adornment and happens to dry quite nicely as a keepsake. Wanna make it extra special? Have it wrapped with orchids, tuberose or a cigar lei

Single Ti Leaf Lei

For a simpler, pared down look, opt for a Single Ti Leaf Lei — one strand of ti leaves woven together that still packs a punch of earthy tones and fragrances. 

Double White Orchid Lei


Made with dozens of white dendrobium orchids strung together into a fluffy plume, a Double White Orchid Lei (also available in green and purple) is just the thing for any occasion. Its elegant hue complements anything and everything. 

Paradise Double Orchid (White and Lantern ‘Ilima)

Similar to the Double White Orchid Lei, this Paradise Double Orchid Lei, made with white dendrobium orchids and lantern ‘ilima, offers all of the pomp with an added pop of fiery orange. 

Kukui Nut Shell Lei

Keep things super simple — but no less special — with a Kukui Nut Shell Lei. The best thing about this one? As a matter of fact, there are a few: Kukui Nut Shell Lei handle shipping conditions superbly, attract the eye with polished luster and may be held onto as a keepsake or reworn. 

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Top 5 Lei For Women

Top 5 Lei For Women

Before we begin, let it be known that no lei is bound to any one particular gender. That being said, many have traditionally been thought to best suit one or the other.

Personally, we think that all lei can be worn by anyone. In fact, we’ve yet to come across one that doesn’t look good on everyone.

So without further ado, we present to you in no particular order an eclectic mix of five traditional and modern lei for women.

1. Paradise Double Orchid Lei

There is no doubt that receiving an orchid lei feels special with its light fragrance wafting through the air with every breeze — which makes the Paradise Double Orchid Lei (available in purple and white, and purple, green and white) extra special. 

2. Spiral Lei

We don’t have a whole lot to say about this one. In fact, just one three-letter-word will suffice: WOW. Know that you and whoever receives this show-stopping Spiral Lei won’t be able to stop admiring its sophisticated design.

3. Micronesian Ginger Lei

Popular for its lovely, light scent, Micronesian Ginger Lei are both durable and deliciously fragrant. Perfect for occasions that run the gamut of birthdays, bridal showers, weddings and more, an added bonus is that its lovely cream color will complement any look.

4. Christina Orchid Lei

This old-school favorite is luxury personified, handcrafted with hundreds of dendrobium orchid petals that are lovingly strung together. No matter whether you’re gazing at it from afar or taking a closer look, the Christina Orchid Lei makes quite the impressive adornment.

5. Haku

No milestone is complete without a haku, be it one that is white or pink and white or — everyone’s No. 1 choice — a mix of colors. Whatever you land on, rest easy that each lei po‘o (“lei worn on the head”) features a mix of beautiful greens and flowers to create what will surely be a crowning moment for any special occasion.

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Pro Tip: Choosing The Right Lei

Pro Tip: Choosing The Right Lei

Let’s be real — there’s no such thing as choosing a wrong lei. They all make for beautiful, unique gifts. But you can make a selection that’ll especially stand out and leave a lasting memory. 

Here are three simple considerations to keep in mind to find the right lei for the special someone in your life.

Who is your lei going to? 

No lei is gender specific, though some have been traditionally reserved for one or the other. Fragrant lei, for example, are a popular gift for women, while green leafy creations usually go to men.

But we say forget the rules and choose what feels right to you. Know a guy who likes pink? We have a honeycomb lei in just that shade. Know a gal who you think might like a simple, leafy adornment? Consider a single ti leaf lei — which you can easily jazz up by requesting that it be wrapped with a single tuberose or orchid lei.

The options are limitless.

Feeling fancy?

As with all things in life, some people prefer simpler designs while others are all for pops of color and texture.

For a subtler look, there are a variety of lei that come in one hue and with soft textures — Micronesian ginger and single orchids (in purple, white and green), just to name a couple.

Others, meanwhile, instantly draw attention, like our multicolor honeycomb lei and butterfly orchid lei.

Our suggestion? Go with your gut and just choose what feels right for that person.

Can it go the distance? 

Crafted with fresh flowers, the reality is that all lei have a time stamp — unless you opt for one of our shell lei, or a ti leaf or kukui nut lei, which dry nicely and make for memorable keepsakes.

So consider how far the lei you select will be traveling. Fragrant lei are made with delicate buds that are best for one-day shipping. Orchids, meanwhile, are sturdy and can go anywhere. Not sure? Give us a call or send us an email. We’re more than happy to help.

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Best Birthday Gift Ever? We Think So

Best Birthday Gift Ever? We Think So

Hemming and hawing over what to gift family and friends for their birthday can lead to endless minutes spent making very little progress — especially when that special someone already seems to have just about everything they could want or need.

But here's a friendly suggestion: lei, of course — and for lots of reasons, too. See, there's nothing quite like receiving a fresh, handmade flower lei that the birthday gal or guy in your life can wear all day and night. Some, in fact, last long after and make for quite the memorable keepsake. Plus, you can bet your gift will take the cake when it comes to unique finds.

So allow us to make a few suggestions to steer you in the right direction.


Orchid Lei 

With a variety of orchid lei to choose from, there's really no wrong selection to make. But for something to mark a special occasion — birthdays only come around once a year — our Paradise Double Orchid Lei (available in purple and white, or purple, white and green) — ticks all boxes.

It's fluffier than a single orchid lei and makes for quite the impressive document. Plus, orchids are as durable as they are delicately fragrant and beautiful to look at, which means it'll survive birthday celebrations through the night.


Ti Leaf Lei

Here's a little something for the guys on your gift list. Ti leaf lei not only have a light and earthy fragrance but also dry quite nicely.

Our Ti Leaf Lei is available as a single strand, or you can opt for twice the size for a piece of impressive wearable art.



Forgo a store-bought birthday crown and gift a haku instead. Comfortably worn across the head and secured with string in the back, haku are handcrafted with a variety of fresh flowers that add vibrant pops of color that are sure to match the convivial mood of any birthday gathering.

And here's a pro tip to keep in mind: Haku aren't just for the ladies.

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Treat Yo Pet With Handmade Lei For Dogs and Cats

Treat Yo Pet With Handmade Lei For Dogs and Cats

Anyone with a dog knows that having a four-legged BFF is extra special. They’re available for hugs and cuddles ‘round the clock, no questions asked. They offer up endless entertainment and pass no judgement when ice cream is on the menu for breakfast, though they may beg you to share.

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