Hawai‘i Lei Stand By Beretania Florist
1293 S Beretania St. #1500 Honolulu, HI, 96814 
Mon-Fri: 9:00am to 5:00pm 
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About Hawai‘i Lei Stand

Hawai‘i Lei Stand By Beretania Florist, is a new way to shop for lei. Featuring a carefully cultivated selection of handcrafted creations, we offer the ease of online shopping and guarantee fresh lei available for pick up, delivery in the Honolulu region or shipped nationwide.

Aloha From Hawai‘i

Hawai‘i Lei Stand calls the island of O‘ahu home and is located within our sister brand, Beretania Florist — Hawai‘i's floral leader since 1937.

All About ‘Ohana

Reece and Jaimie Farinas — the fourth generation of Nakamotos who established Beretania Florist — started Hawai‘i Lei Stand with a simple goal of sharing beautiful, handmade lei with customers near and far.

We invite you to browse our collection of lei and find one — or a few — that make you smile. Our team will take care of the rest to ensure it is available for pick up, delivered in the Honolulu area or shipped nationwide. 

For The Love Of Lei

There's nothing quite like giving a lei, and no better feeling than to have one adorning your neck, a garland of flowers intricately sewn together to create stunning, colorful designs. In Hawai‘i, lei are used to mark just about any occasion — birthdays, proms, graduations and weddings among them.

But while Hawai‘i residents know this all too well, and have the ease and comfort of finding lei to share with loved ones, friends and family on the mainland often do not.

So here's our promise: fresh, handmade lei available in all 50 states.

This Is How We Do It

Browse through our collection of lei and find one that makes you smile. Then, at checkout, simply select to have it made available for pick up, delivered in the Honolulu area or shipped nationwide.

Choose Hawai‘i Lei Stand

Browsing online and ordering something instantly is a luxury that few can live without these days. But Hawai‘i Lei Stand is not only passionate about guaranteeing fresh, handmade lei at affordable prices. We care deeply about the experience that each of our customers receive along the way, too.

So we look forward to showing you the meaning of aloha as we help you share a piece of Hawai‘i with loved ones for life’s most memorable moments.