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If you are traveling to the U.S. Mainland and want to bring fresh Hawaiian Lei Or Tropical Flowers, add our Agricultural Packaging Service to your pick-up order. This service is perfect for those traveling out of the state who wish to bring Hawaiian flower lei with them.

This service is not required to travel with lei but will expedite inspection time at the airport. You must present all food, plants, and other agricultural items to the USDA inspector at the airport before you leave Hawaii. 


Information On Gel Ice Pack Options:

Option 1: No Gel Ice - should be added if you are planning on hand-carrying the box with you on the airplane. Gel Ice packs that are slightly thawed are not permitted through the TSA checkpoint.

Option 2: Include Gel Ice - should be added if you intend to check-in your box at the airport.

Tip: Gel ice is not required or necessary to travel with lei, but helps to extend the shelf life(especially fragrant varieties). Please keep in mind that you may incur additional checked baggage fees by the airlines. 

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