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3 Tips To Picking the Right Orchid for Your Lei

Picking out the perfect lei can prove to be a challenge. With so many styles, colors, and aromas to choose from, it’s easy to get lost in the options. But consider three tips to picking the right orchid for your lei; you’ll want to make sure you know how to mix and match your flowers for the best results. Ensure everything matches up and look your best, no matter what the occasion may be.

Choose the Right Color You Want

Luckily, orchids come in a variety of different colors, making them a flower with some of the most variation. Whether you want an orchid in purple, yellow, white, or blue, you don’t have a limited selection to pick from. The type of occasion and the style of dress will also determine the type of color you need. This ensures you color code everything appropriately without two colors clashing together.

Consider the Aroma It Gives Off

You shouldn’t focus on just the colors, but also take special care to pick out the best aroma to match. Orchids can come in a variety of smells, just like colors, and you’ll want to select something that adds to the aroma of the event. Give the different orchids a quick sniff before deciding on a particular one, as it may affect how the smells interact with the other flowers on your lei.

Look At the Different Species of Orchids

There is not a single orchid to pick from. Rather, there is a vast assortment of different species to choose from, each with its own unique look. You have the option to pick and choose what you want, whether it’s something with a smaller bloom like a dendrobium, or one with a larger bloom like the phalaenopsis. The number of orchids that exist may surprise you, so spend time admiring the differences and find something that really stands out to you.

The Choice Is Up To You

Whatever fresh orchid lei you decide to get, you always have options to pick from. Go in knowing what to look for and how these factors can affect the overall look and feel of the lei. Experience the characteristics of the orchids before you commit to one, and always refer back to our tips to picking out the best orchid for your lei.