Single Combination w/ Tuberose - Lei of the Day [PRE-SOLD OUT 5/16-6/3]

Hawaii Lei Stand
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Gift our Combination Tuberose Lei of the Day from Hawaii Lei Stand. This remarkable creation blends the allure of tuberose with seasonally available flowers, resulting in a lei experience unlike any other.

Each lei features the captivating scent and beauty of tuberose, sourced from limited farm availability. Complementing the tuberose are carefully selected seasonal blooms such as orchids or carnations, creating a harmonious blend of colors and textures.

Perfect for graduations, weddings, graduations, or special celebrations, the Combination Tuberose Lei of the Day is a timeless symbol of aloha. Whether welcoming guests or honoring loved ones, this lei is sure to leave a lasting impression, embodying the vibrant spirit of Hawaii.

Embrace the beauty of the islands with the Combination Tuberose Lei of the Day from Hawaii Lei Stand. Each lei is a masterpiece crafted with love and care, destined to bring joy and a touch of paradise to any occasion.

Hawaii Lei Stand By Beretania Florist

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