Hawai‘i Lei Stand’s Shipping Protection offers peace-of-mind coverage for all orders to protect against unexpected issues in shipping. 

General Information

After order issues are reported within 24 hours, your product will either be reshipped or refunded depending on in-stock availability and percentage of discounts received. In some instances, order reshipping or refunding may not be approved based on the Shipping Protection policies outlined here. 

In most instances, Shipping Protection covers the order value, shipping fee and taxes when applicable. The initial Shipping Protection fee is nonrefundable. 


When time allows, Hawai‘i Lei Stand will always first seek to resolve the issue by resending lei. Shortly after a reshipment is processed, you will receive a confirmation email with a new order number and receipt. Once the order is reshipped, you will receive another email with FedEx tracking information. 


Refunds are calculated based on the exact price you paid for the items, excluding the cost of Shipping Protection and in some cases the shipping fee. Refunds are processed directly to your original method of payment and may take up to 14 business days. 


If an order has not been shipped, Hawai‘i Lei Stand can cancel and refund the Shipping Protection fee. If it has been shipped, the package is being protected and no refund will be issued. 

Claim Filing Time Frames

The following timelines for claim form submissions must be strictly adhered to in order for it to be processed: 

  • Claims for instances of delays and damages must be filed within 24 hours. 
  • Claims for instances of lost or stolen packages must be filed within two weeks. 

General Coverage Exclusions

Shipping Protection does not apply to: 

  • Ordinary cosmetic changes in the product after the package is delivered. 
  • The customer’s entering of the wrong or incomplete address at the time of the order. 
  • The customer’s entering of the wrong delivery date at the time of the order. 
  • The customer’s entering of the wrong item, color or variety at the time of the order.
  • The customer’s dissatisfaction with their product. Customers with these issues should reach out to aloha@hawaiileistand.com for further assistance. 
  • Customers who file their claims outside of the timeline noted above. 
  • Other events Hawai‘i Lei Stand or FedEx cannot control, including, but not limited to, acts of God, acts of public enemies, war, strikes, civil commotions, road closures, or acts or omissions of public authorities (such as customs and health officials). 

Claim Form

Customers who would like to submit a claim may do so here: File A Shipping Claim

Delayed Packages

Hawai‘i Lei Stand considers packages to be delayed if they are not delivered by the end of the targeted delivery day; specific delivery times do not apply — delivery times provided by the carrier, FedEx, are estimates and can be adjusted.. However, in the instance of a true delay, Shipping Protection does cover the shipping fee. 

Packages With Damaged Items

Damaged items are considered to be lei that are unusable. Hawai‘i Lei Stand’s Shipping Protection does not cover minor cosmetic changes that a perishable product such as a lei may incur, including faint blemishes, one or two loose petals, etc. 

Claims forms for damaged items require photographs upon submission. 

Shipping Protection covers only damaged items, not the order in its entirety. For temperature-related damages, the shipping fee is non-refundable. 

Packages Presumed To Be Lost

Claims forms for orders presumed to be lost may not be submitted sooner than seven days after the last tracking update. 

In instances in which an invalid address has been provided, FedEx will not be able to complete delivery and may return the package to Hawai‘i Lei Stand. Shipping Protection does not cover this. Shipping Protection also does not cover packages labeled with “return to sender.” Items are returned if the address provided was invalid, undeliverable or if the recipient refuses the delivery. 

Packages Presumed To Be Stolen

Hawai‘i Lei Stand considers a package to be stolen if it was taken directly from the customer’s porch/front door. Shipping Protection does not apply to orders that require a signature upon delivery and have been received indirectly or directly by the recipient or other household members and guests. It is the customer’s responsibility to communicate with doormen, front desk staff, building security, etc. 

Claims forms for orders presumed to be stolen may not be submitted sooner than two weeks after the last tracking update. Hawai‘i Lei Stand reserves the right to require security video or photographs showing evidence of theft, as well as proof of identity, address and other pertinent information.

At Hawai‘i Lei Stand’s discretion, customers will be asked to file a police report explaining the Shipping Protection they purchased for their package. A copy of the police report must then be sent to Hawai‘i Lei Stand. (Please note that depending on the jurisdiction, false police reports may be charged as misdemeanors or felonies.)