When people think of Nevada, two things usually come to mind: the warm desert and the fun, flamboyant atmosphere of Las Vegas. But what if you wanted to bring some of Hawaii’s tropical atmosphere to the Sagebrush State? You can do so with Hawaiian lei from Hawai’i Lei Stand. The Honolulu-based company specializes in encapsulating the elegance of its home state in its lei and ships them nationwide.

Hawai’i Lei Stand offers fresh flower lei that can help you show your love and appreciation for your friends and family members. For example, if you and a buddy are celebrating a birthday weekend in Las Vegas, why not give them a lei as a gift? As they wear it on the journey, they can imbue their experience in Sin City with the spirit of aloha.

A Hawaiian lei shipped to Nevada can be a great gift for Mother’s Day as well. What better way to honor the woman who raised you than by giving her a fresh flower lei that offers the colors and aromas of a tropical paradise? For example, consider purchasing a deluxe orchid lei with its pleasant green and white colors. The dendrobium orchids will also emit sweet smells of strawberry or raspberry that will keep your mom happy throughout her special day.

Although Nevada is a long distance from the Hawaiian Islands, there’s no need to worry about your gift experiencing harm or losing its freshness before it arrives. Our skilled staff members ensure they handle your order with extra caution so that your delicate lei suffers no damage. Additionally, we include frozen gel packs in our shipments so that our lei still have all the beautiful colors and scents of Hawaii when they arrive.

So if you want to make a special day stand out, contact Hawai’i Lei Stand. We can help you brighten someone’s day with a Hawaiian lei in Nevada.