As a resident of Colorado, you’re more than familiar with its vast forests, high mountains, and many rivers that flow through the state. But if you would like to mix things up with a taste of the tropical, you can, thanks to Hawai’i Lei Stand. We have the ability to ship Hawaiian lei to Colorado, where they can work as a great gift or a memento from the islands.

Our Honolulu-based company offers our customers a selection of fresh flower lei that you can pick for yourself or as a present for someone else. For example, you can pick various orchid lei products that come in an array of gorgeous floral colors. These include our spiral orchid lei, which our talented associates handcraft so that they create a wonderful spiral of white, violet, and green when worn around the neck.

Or if you would like a mix of flora in your lei, try our double ti leaf maile-style lei. This garland intermingles orchids with ti leaves that hang from the wearer’s shoulders. To bring out the best in the leaves, we treat them with heat so that they have a beautiful dark green color that will catch the eyes of onlookers.

Hawaiian lei work as wonderful gifts for birthdays and graduations, but they can even make your wedding day even more beautiful and memorable. In addition to your neck or shoulders, you can even wear them on your head, showing the season’s colors. And don’t worry about your lei falling off during your ceremony; it comes with a ribbon that will ensure it stays on even after you walk down the aisle.

Make a flower lei your next gift or part of your upcoming event to ensure it’s truly memorable. Contact Hawai’i Lei Stand about buying one today. We offer many shipping options to help meet your particular needs.