California and Hawaii have much in common, including their warm climates and beautiful beaches. But even though Hawaii is more than 2,000 miles away, you can still enjoy the spirit of the islands on the mainland. This is all thanks to Hawai’i Lei Stand, which brings Hawaiian lei to California.

Our lei are a great for you to gift to a loved one for graduating high school or college or even celebrating their birthday. Or you can use the lei to help show respect for the dearly departed by wearing one at their funeral. But don’t worry about the condition of your lei as it travels from our headquarters in Hawaii to California.

Our company has shipped traditional Hawaiian lei to the mainland for years and takes every precaution to ensure that your products don’t suffer any damage during the journey. When our employees pack them up, they treat our lei carefully and use frozen gel packs to ensure that your lei doesn’t wilt during the shipping process. You’ll get them in perfect condition, with all their natural colors and beauty intact, so that they look great when hanging around your neck.

Hawai’i Lei Stand provides you with handcrafted quality lei as well. Customers in California can purchase products that include traditional lei flowers, such as orchids, tuberose, and rosebuds. But if you would prefer a lei made of something other than flowers, we can meet your needs as well. We also make Hawaiian lei for California clients made of ti leaves or kukui nuts.

Hawai’i Lei Stand can even provide you with lei for your pets to wear if you want to reward them with a gift or get them in the spirit of a celebration. Don’t let the ocean stop you from bringing the traditions of Hawaii to California. Contact Hawai’i Lei Stand today.