$165.00 $190.00

Our Princeville Set offers stunning bursts of color — with three of our most popular lei. 

3 beautiful lei included in this set:

  • 1 - Spiral Orchid Lei (colors vary) 
  • 1 - Paradise Double Orchid Lei (green & white)
  • 1 - Deluxe Single Orchid Lei (purple & white) 

The deluxe orchid lei features a winning combination of bright dendrobium orchids strung together. Complementing that is our spiral lei that showcases a running design and beautiful craftsmanship — also made with sturdy dendrobium orchids. And the paradise double green and white orchid lei offers oodles of the popular flower showcased in a thick, fluffy fashion. An added bonus is that all three handle shipping conditions well.

During the hot summer months, we recommend and guarantee the freshness of this lei using overnight shipping only.