Variegated Double Ti Leaf Maile Style Lei

Hawaii Lei Stand
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Our Double Ti Leaf Maile-style Lei is a true embodiment of elegance and craftsmanship. This premium lei is meticulously handcrafted and available for nationwide shipping. 

This variegated style — which may also be adorned with a variety of seasonal flowers, including our bestselling white or purple orchids, as well as tuberose, cigar and pīkake flowers — features stunning hues of dark and light green. 


To create this extraordinary lei, our ti leafs undergo a meticulous process. They are delicately heat treated, enhancing their flexibility and giving them their iconic, earthy dark green hue. The result is a lei that exudes a distinct aroma reminiscent of freshly cut grass, with a subtle tartness.

Experience the essence of Hawaii with our Double Ti Leaf Maile-Style Lei, a truly captivating masterpiece that will add an enchanting touch to any special occasion like graduations, weddings or special milestones. Order now and have the beauty of the islands delivered straight to your doorstep.  

Hawaii Lei Stand By Beretania Florist

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