The Best Buds Seasonal Bouquet (March Only)

Hawaii Lei Stand
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We love our monthly Best Buds Seasonal Bouquet because it gives us the chance to try new things — think outside the box, if you will. Except ironically, this month, we've thought inside the box. For March only we're offering itsy bitsy teeny weenie designer-grade anthuriums, fresh from Hilo, Hawai‘i. This miniature bouquet features a vibrant mix of colorful springtime anthuriums, along with appropriately downsized greens and dried flowers.

The best part? It also includes a new product we're rolling out: a Noms candy lei. This made-in-Hawai‘i sweet treat is available in a variety of flavors (like watermelon, peaches and sour apple) tossed with li hing mui and lemon peel — Hawai‘i's favorite salty-sweet and just a little bit sour blend. 

(Please note that a vase is not included.) 


Hawaii Lei Stand By Beretania Florist

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