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The Meaning Behind the Haku Lei for Weddings

The Hawaiian lei is a popular gift whenever there is a celebration, whether it’s for an anniversary, graduation, or honoring the life of a loved one after they pass. With centuries of cultural significance, the lei is an important part of Hawaiian history that still sees widespread use as a common decorative gift or a congratulatory one today. But among these, the meaning of the haku lei for weddings provides a beautiful accessory but also holds deeper significance.

What Is the Haku Lei?

Traditionally, a Hawaiian lei is a necklace constructed of flowers, but other variants utilize seeds, feathers, and bones. It is an adornment worn around the neck, draping down to the chest and back. However, the haku lei does not go around the neck, as it is a flower crown worn on the head. There is a wide assortment of flowers in the creation of a haku lei, with each flower bringing its distinct color and aroma to the headpiece.

Who Wears the Haku Lei?

For weddings, it is traditional for the bride to put on the haku lei, but this can be up to the discretion of those arranging the ceremony. If the groom wishes to adorn himself with the haku lei as well, that is also acceptable.

What Does the Haku Lei Symbolize?

Like many different lei, the haku symbolizes congratulations, a gift to celebrate a momentous occasion. But in this circumstance, the meaning of the haku lei for weddings signifies love and commitment between the bride and groom. It signifies the support the couple gives each other and their continued happiness with their new life together.

Have the Right Lei for the Occasion

With so many different lei options, it can be difficult to pick which ones best fit the occasion. Just know that there are almost no wrong answers when it comes to celebrating with the lei. Just ensure you have fresh Hawaiian lei to make the most out of the fragrance and color for your special day.