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Fresh Lei vs. Plastic Lei: What You Need To Know

Plastic leis are a surprisingly present aspect of childhood on the mainland, but not always for the best reasons. While easily accessible in party stores, does a plastic lei convey the message you intend to send? Here’s what you need to know when choosing between a fresh lei and plastic lei:

Part of a Fresh Lei’s Beauty Is Its Scent

If you’ve never received a fresh lei, you may not be aware of how fragrant these garlands can be. Ginger leis, for example, carry a powerful yet sweet scent everywhere the wearer goes. Even double ti leaf maile leis are often wrapped with flowers such as pikake to add a soft fragrance that plastic leis do not capture.

Fresh Leis Can Still Stand the Test of Time

Lei are thoughtful, stunning gifts for any occasion. One apparent advantage of plastic lei would be how long it lasts—it’s a forever keepsake for your loved one to remember the event by. Before you look to longevity as the deciding factor in which direction you go, know that even fresh lei can be preserved.

By drying the flowers in a low-humidity space and allowing the moisture to leave the lei, you prepare your garland to stand the test of time. An added touch involves using floral sealant (or even hair spray, though this isn’t as recommended) to protect the flowers before you move them to where you wish to display the lei.

Time, Love, and History Go Into Every Fresh Lei

Another part of what you need to know when looking at a fresh lei vs. plastic lei is that leis have a deeply rooted history in Hawaiian culture. Their creation is an art form, and in Hawaii, loved ones go to great lengths to ensure that the leis they curate are as meaningful as the progress they signify. While any gift is given with love, fresh, handcrafted leis send a uniquely powerful message of care and warmth.

Not living in Hawaii doesn’t mean you can’t access fresh leis for your loved one’s upcoming celebration. At Hawaii Lei Stand, we offer fresh Hawaiian leis for sale to all 50 states on the mainland. Our carefully cultivated selection allows you to find the lei perfect for your occasion with shipping options to get your lei to you looking—and smelling—as beautifully as possible.